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How to choose a hydraulic screen changer and what are the supporting auxiliary equipment?

The selection of continuous extrusion hydraulic screen changer should be based on several factors such as material, product type, production volume, material pressure within the system, and automation level. The general principle is: when the product quality is high, the production efficiency is high, the production process is long, and the degree of automation is high, choose a continuous screen changer without stopping the machine. It can replace the filter mesh without interrupting the produc

The Characteristics and Configuration of Batte Single Plate Quick Screen Changer

Characteristics of hydraulic single plate screen changer Single plate type quick screen changer, also known as the single plate dual station hydraulic screen changer, has been widely used in the market due to its simple structure, high cost-effectiveness, wide range of use, and the characteristics of no downtime, no material leakage, smooth flow channels, and simple operation. The plate rapid screen changer is simple in structure and convenient in connection. It can be used in direct connection

Thermal adhesive double column screen changer

The application of thermal adhesive is very wide. Usually the composition of thermal adhesive is a colloid composed of polyethylene, polyisobutylene, butyl rubber, etc.. It can be made into various thermal adhesive tapes, thermal adhesive stickers and thermal films, etc. It can be used in various engineering, cosmetic, medical adhesive tape, pharmaceutical preparations and heat preservation places. Heat-sensitive adhesive, also known as heat-activated adhesive. Customer working conditions: mater

What is the difference between single-plate duplex screen changer and single-plate continuous screen

The single-plate extrusion screen changer has two filtering stations on the filter plate, while the single-plate continuous four-station screen changer has four independent porous plates, which is the difference in its internal structure; for the installed finished product, it is still not easy to distinguish from the appearance, because it is really impossible to see from the surface that it is several mesh blocks. However, there are also differences in the configuration between single-board du

Six advantages of pet packing belt special screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte domestic large-scale screen changer production and manufacturing enterprise provides large-scale melt screen changer filtration equipment, including: PP recycling granulation screen changer, pet packing belt screen changer, pipe profile screen changer, blown film hydraulic screen changer, etc. In this paper, Bart, a manufacturer of net changer in Zhengzhou, introduces in detail the six advantages of its special net changer for pet packing belt. Pet packing belt screen changer is

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