batte melt pump

Products for low-viscosity applications

Products for low-viscosity applications are mainly for low-viscosity melts and fluids (< 500 mPas), we offer solutions for pumping and filtration as well as drop pelletizing technology for superior product quality.

Filtration System

Filtration System consists of double piston screen changer, single piston screen changer, large area filtration, slide plate, diverter values, and other products. Screen changers are core products.

Benefits of screen Changer extrusion applications

Benefits of screen Changer extrusion applications are so outstanding that screen changers are widely used in various extrusion lines. Screen changers used for extrusion lines can improve the quality of products.

Screen changer adapter types

Screen changer adapter types include bolt-on adapter, clamp type adaptation, and thread-on ring & bolt-on adapter. They are representative of the most typical ways in which screen changers can be retro-fitted into existing lines.

Screen Changer Adapter

Screen Changer Adapter is to fit the screen changer into an extrusion line for polymer melt filtration. Retro-fits of Existing Lines, New Lines, and Advantages of a Screw Tip Extension are as follows.

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