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Parts and Technical Support for Melt Filtration Products

Parts and Technical Support for Melt Filtration Products take a main part of our job. Hundreds of screen changer have been in operation for decades. We maintain inventory for all generations of screen changers.

Parts and Technical Support for Melt Filtration Products:
Replacement parts are available for the screen changer, together with the associated controls and cooling systems.
We maintain project documentation on every screen changer we have built, so that information on replacement parts is readily available.
We are able to recommend replacements to upgrade the reliability of parts (heaters, electrical elements, etc.) to bring these components up to current standards.

Because of the ongoing improvements to the screen changer, many of our customers have taken advantage of scheduled downtime to return their screen changers for remanufacturing and upgrading.

State-of-the art extrusion equipment is available to customers wishing to conduct meaningful extrusion and filtration tests on an industrial scale. The Tech Center is a fully equipped R&D facility. With computerized record keeping and analytical capabilities, our engineering staff conducts tests ranging from the handling of post-consumer and other types of scrap materials to the most advanced engineering resins.

We offer fully automatic, continuous screen changers that are used for polymer melt filtration in every segment of plastics processing including: blown film, blow molding, sheet and film extrusion, filaments & fibers, pipe and profile, pelletizing, BIAX (BOPP and BOPS). Melt filters are designed to be used with all families of thermoplastics, including Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE) Polystyrene (PS, HIPS), Polycarbonate, ABS, Acrylic, Flexible PVC, Nylon (PA 6, PA 66, PA 11) and Polyesters, as well as a wide range of engineering resins.

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