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Take you to understand the structure of the double column hydraulic screen changer

The angle between the two flow passages of the double-column screen changer is precisely designed and processed to minimize the resistance of the material in the flow passage. Compared with the plate type screen changer, the double-column screen changer has better sealing performance, no leakage, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and less deformation. The pressure fluctuation during screen change is small, and the impact on the product is small. The two net blocks work at the same ti

What are the structures of special mesh changer for melt blown fabric

The special mesh changer for melt blown fabric is composed of main body, sealing component, porous plate, filter screen and switching device. In the material selection of the main body of the melt blown cloth screen changer, Zhengzhou Bart adopts high-quality alloy steel; in the sealing component and switching device of the screen changer, alloy steel is adopted through special heat treatment process, the purpose of which is to extend the service life of the sealing component and switching devic

How does automatic washing screen changer work

The screen changer is mainly used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when the plasticizing material flows through the filter screen. The purpose of using the screen changer is to ensure that one of the two sets of filtering devices is in the flow path of the melt extrusion material at any time during operation. When the impurities on the filter screen gradually accumulate in the screen changer, the melt pressure increases accordingly; when the melt pressure before the filter screen r

Characteristics of mesh changer for melt blown fabric

The series of screen changing filters are designed with double channel and double screen structure. During the screen changing, one screen works, one screen changes, without interrupting the material flow and products, so as to realize the screen changing without stopping The exhaust system is designed to fully remove the gas contained in the material and the porous plate to be replaced, prevent the gas from forming in the product during the process of replacing the mesh, and improve the quality

Filter field of melt blown nonwovens with screen changer

The melt blown composite material after electrostatic electret treatment has the characteristics of low initial resistance, large dust holding capacity and high filtration efficiency when it is used for air filtration [under the flow rate of 32L / min, the filtration efficiency of 0.3um particle size can reach 99.9%, and the resistance is only 117.7pa (12mm water column)], which is widely used for air purification treatment in electronic manufacturing, food, material, chemical industry, airport,

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