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Screen Changer For Blowing Film Machine: An Important Equipment to Improve Production Efficiency

With the increasing application of plastic film in packaging, agriculture, construction and other fields, the performance and efficiency of the film blowing machine, as the core equipment for the manufacture of plastic film, has a direct impact on the quality of the product and production costs. In the operation of the film blowing machine, the screen changer, as one of the key accessories, plays a vital role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality. blowing film hydraulic

Plastic extruder screen changer hydraulic station principle

Principle of Hydraulic Station for Screen Changer Screen changer for plastic extruder is an indispensable part of plastic machinery, its main function is to replace the filter screen to ensure that the outflow of plastic particles more pure. Hydraulic station is an important part of the screen changer, which directly determines the operating efficiency and reliability of the screen changer. This article will introduce the principle of the hydraulic station of the screen changer in detail. First,

Extruder Drive Valve Applications, Structures and Configurations

Driving valves, also known as discharge valves, are widely used in extrusion lines, polymerization lines and underwater cutting lines, especially in underwater cutting lines where they are almost a must. The opening valve can be used alone or in combination with screen changers, melt pumps and other equipment. single pillar screen changer The overall structure of the extruder drive valve is similar to the single plunger structure of a single column screen changer, the flow path is a double stati

hydraulic screen changer plastic recycle

Adding a hydraulic screen changer to a plastic recycling line is an important part of the process. Hydraulic screen changer is a kind of equipment for melt filtration, which is widely used in the processing field of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and other polymer materials. In the production process, some unqualified products will be produced, which need to be recycled and reused. And plastic recycling is to separate, clean, crush, melt and a series of other processing of unqualified products

Screen changer for plastic recycling extrusion

In the production of plastic extrusion, there may be various impurities and foreign objects in the raw materials, as well as fine crystal particles with incomplete plasticization. Especially in the recycling process of recycled plastics, there are various impurities such as paper scraps, aluminum foil, sand, iron scraps, copper wire, wood scraps, and ineffective defoamers. If no screen changer is installed for impurity filtration, the presence of these impurities will cause a decrease in product

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