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What is the pressure on a screen changer?

The pressure of the extruder screen changer is a key process parameter, which directly affects the stability of the production process and product quality. Understanding the pressure range and influencing factors of the screen changer is of great significance for optimizing the production process and improving product quality. Firstly, we need to clarify the working principle of the extruder screen changer. The screen changer is an important component in the extruder, whose main function is to r

What are the benefits of using a screen changer for plastic production

Why are there hydraulic screen changer products and what are the benefits of using a screen changer for plastic production? These are some questions that customers must consult and understand before purchasing a screen changer. The screen changer, also known as the continuous extrusion screen changer filter, is mainly used to filter impurities in the melt through the filter screen on the filtering station. When impurities accumulate to a certain extent, the screen can be directly changed without

Application, working principle, advantages and characteristics of manual screen changer

Manual screen changer, also known as manual screen changer filter, is suitable for extrusion production lines of various high viscosity melts. The manual screen changer type has two channels for the flow of polymer media on the mobile skateboard. The two working positions of the manual switching device (lever) alternate to enter the working state. It uses unique rigid materials and compensation sealing design, which can meet the extrusion production of the vast majority of polymers. It is used i

The functions, specifications, models and classifications of plastic extruder screen changers

Plastic extruder screen changer is a piece of equipment used in plastic extruders. Its main function is to filter impurities and particles in molten materials to ensure product quality and production stability. During plastic processing, impurities and particles may appear due to various reasons, such as impure raw materials, additives, and mechanical wear. The presence of these impurities and particles will have a negative impact on product quality and performance. Therefore, a device that can

Components and functions of the screen changer

What is a screen changer? A screen changer, in short a device for filtering impurities in the melt, is widely used in extrusion and polymerization lines. Depending on the structure of the screen changer, you can choose between non-stop screen changer and short-stop screen changer, and the mainstream product in the market today is the non-stop screen changer. First, the structure of the screen changer for plastic recycling 1, the main body: usually made of high-strength, high-temperature, corrosi

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