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Solve the problem of leakage from the screen changer

The screen changer is usually installed on the head of the machine. The exchanger includes the first die plate and the second die plate, and the filter plate set between the first die plate and the second die plate. The plastic is plasticized and compacted in the barrel, and the filter plate flows through the head neck through the head neck into the molding die through the head neck through a certain flow path. In the existing technology, the seal of the net exchanger is realized by a seal betwe

continuous screen filter screen changer

Batte melt pump Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of continuous screen filter , providing high - end technology and energy saving products for extruding equipment enterprises. They bring new products to the exhibition. The continuous screen filter , developed for four years, is an innovation in the plastic extrusion industry, which has changed the production mode of plastic filtration, and the energy efficiency ratio has been leaped on it. Especially for the application of

Automatic flushing screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a well-known domestic network screenchanger manufacturer. It has decades of R D and production experience. It can be divided into: single board, double panels, single column and two columns to meet different users production needs. What are the advantages of Battes new generation of automatic flushing screen changer ? Bart exchanger manufacturers to develop a new generation of automatic flushing screen changer , especially suitable for the recovery processing of waste plastics

double plate screen changer application

double plate screen changer application Application of raw materials: PP, PE, ABS, PS and other plastic melts, etc. features of double plate screen changer This series of double plate screen changer filters is made up of filter body, heating / cooling system, electronic control system and so on, without external force control. Its control elements can automatically control filtering time and speed. double plate screen changer technology and specifications 1, Zhengzhou batte double plate changer

batte extrusion melt filter manufacturer

[extrusion melt filter application fileds] It is used in the manufacture of chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film, casting film, pipe material, sheet, wire, fiber, grain cutting, recycling granulation and so on. [ extrusion melt filter product characteristics] Barts series extrusion melt filter is designed for four channel four filter network structure, four net work at the same time, without interrupting the material flow, not interrupting the product, realizing the non stop switching network

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