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Application, working principle and parameters of single-column double-station quick screen changer

Used for granulation and drawing, plate and sheet, blown film, pipe, chemical fiber, adhesive, coating material, wire, cable, material co-mingled granulation, etc. Applicable to all thermoplastics. Single-column double-station screen changer, two detachable filtering stations are designed on the plunger, when working, one filtering station is inside the main body for melt filtration, and the other station is outside the main body for backup. When the impurities on the filter net accumulate to a

PE pipe extruder hydraulic screen changer selection program

The screen changer for PE pipe production is generally installed between the extruder barrel flange and the mold flange, and the bolts are fixed through the flange to the screw holes of the screen changer. PE pipe extruder is now divided into high-speed machine and ordinary machine, general ordinary machine according to the conventional selection principles configured to change the net, high-speed machine is configured on the basis of the original configuration to increase the specifications of

Fully automatic screen changer melt screen changer for waste plastic recycling and pelletizing

Scrap plastics recycling and granulation screen changer is a double-column large cylinder screen changer, using high-quality alloy steel, tempered, nitrided, fine grinding and other special processing procedures, dual-net dual-channel design, the screen adopts the winding type, increasing the filtration area, not to replace the screen when the two nets are working at the same time, change the screen when the alternate replacement, the screen changer is designed to stabilize the structure of the

Causes and solutions to hydraulic screen changer failures

1, the use of hydraulicscreen changer for plastic extruder, material leakage. Causes and solutions: A, hydraulic screen changer bolts or before and after the flange connection bolts loose due to material leakage, can be locked. B, hydraulic screen changer set screen pressure is too high, resulting in material leakage, can be reduced. 2, plate hydraulic screen changer slide plate can not be pushed. Generate causes and solutions: A, there are debris in the filter tank or screen exposed slot jammed

Extruder continuous screen changer applications, features, configurations and parameters

Extruder continuous screen changer is suitable for applications in pelletizing, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, plates, sheets, cast film, nonwoven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, etc., which require uninterrupted flow of material during screen change and high continuity. Extruder continuous screen changer features: 1、It adopts rigid sealing structure to ensure no material seepage under high pressure and high temperature. 2、It adopts one-piece structure without bearing gap, which strengthens the bear

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