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Mesh screen changer for plastic production line

Application area of screen changer It is used for melt filter screen changer in plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramics extrusion production line. These switchers - from low-cost manual switchers to highly complex non-stop voltage regulated automatic switchers, are suitable for extruders with screw diameters of 35 mm to 300 mm. The net changer is often used in the following production lines: 1. from plastic resin synthesis reaction device to bulk granular extrusion granulating production l

The structure of the screen changer and the choice of control system

Structure of screen changer In order to ensure the filtering effect, the screen changer is generally composed of three parts: support plate (shunt plate), auxiliary plate and filter screen, and the filter screen is generally made of metal woven mesh. But sometimes for special needs, silk screen and sand filtration are used as polyester. Nylon is coated with sand to remove gel and impurities. In order to increase filtering face and improve filtering capacity, plug-in filters have been developed b

batte Screen changer for extruder

Single plate and double plate, single and double column hydraulic screen changer , quick screen changing, easy operation and maintenance. With built-in sealing device, the sealing performance is good, which can meet the production of arbitrary polymer high extrusion capacity, and can be used with different standard extruders. The time for fast changing the network is less than 2 seconds, and the filter area is selected between 30mm- and 250mm. High abrasion resistance, high pressure resistance a

All kinds of materials used in the production of screen changer

1. In order to maximize production capacity, reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase benefits and maximize profits, it is necessary to adopt non-stop network screen changer in the use of recycled materials and corner materials. 2. The use of mesh screen changer in the production of new materials can increase the plasticity and homogeneity of melt, and it is also a necessary guarantee for the quality of products. Although there are almost no impurities in the new materials, in the actual produ

Any plastic product has a mesh screen changer suitable for it

Any kind of plastic products we have a suitable for its mesh screen changer , each plastic production process and raw materials are different, the requirements for the mesh screen changer are also different. Therefore, we have carried out one-to-one targeted research and design, developed a variety of special netting device, such as: XPS Extrusion board special non-stop netting device; blowing film special non-stop netting device; pipe industry special non-stop netting device; wire drawing machi

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