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Polyethylene Film screen changer

The purpose of Polyethylene Film screen changer The hydraulic extruder screen changer is particularly suitable for the melt filtration requirements of high-level automated production lines. The product is suitable for the production of products such as boards, sheets, films, pipes, wire drawing, optical fibers, cables, etc. Suitable raw materials include: PP, PE, ABS, PS, PET, PVB, PBT, TPE, PMMA, PC, PA, etc. Advantages of continuous polymer filter screen changer 1. A good sealing structure des

Hydraulic screen changer for silicone rubber

Hydraulic screen changer for silicone rubber, provided by Zhengzhou BATTE as a single plate dual station polymer extrusion melt filter hydraulic screen changer ; It is suitable for melt temperatures below 350 ℃, designed for high operating melt pressure of 35MPa, and can operate normally under 35MPa melt pressure. It is suitable for production yields of 0.1-8.0 T/h. Two detachable filtration stations are designed on the slide plate of the silicone rubber screen changer. During operation, one fil

What are the types of filter screens for dual plunger hydraulic screen changers?

The dual plungerhydraulic screen changer is used for the production of chemical fibers, blown films, flat films, and cast films, as well as for the manufacturing of pipes, plates, wires, fibers, cutting lines, recycling, etc. The filter shapes currently used in dual plunger hydraulic screen changers can be divided into the following three types: 1. Double plunger hydraulic screen changer ZB-DP-2R type, with a circular filter screen shape; 2.Double Pillar extrusion melt filter ZB-DP-2E type, with

Granulation mold head screen changer

The die head screen changer is suitable for granulation (recycling, modification), pipes, plates, sheets, casting films, etc. Technical parameters of mold head screen changer 1. Working temperature: 350 C; 2. Working pressure: 40MPa; 3. Pressure difference: 20MPa; 4. Applicable melt viscosity: 100-40000Pa. s; 5. Heating method: electric heating/heating medium heating. Optional configuration of mold head screen changer 1. High corrosion working condition: High corrosion resistant material scheme

screen changer for film or sheet line

Batte has been designing and manufacturing screen changers, including automatic and continuous solutions for plastic extruders. Whether you are processing highly contaminated, post-industrial or post-consumer plastics, or are committed to filtering clean plastics to ensure zero contamination, screen changers are a key element in your extrusion line for extruders from 30 mm to 600 mm in diameter. Screen changer for film plant is simply a product used to filter out foreign particles and contaminan

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