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extrusion dies to die

extrusion dies to die extrusion mould 1. Rich Experience.every year we produce about 800 sets extrusion moulds for different specification and export them to different countries. 2. Strict Quality Inspections 3. High Quality,we all use the inport processing machine,and our all engineers have about 9 years experience. 4. Most Competitive Price 5. Support RD 6. one-stop Solution 7. Professional Staffs 8. Advanced Equipment Facilities,we have our own processing machine,could make the complete mould

extrusion t die

name: PVC board extrusion moulds ,PVC thickness sheet extrusion t-die, extrusion t die Usage for extrusion t die 1. Widely used in production all kinds of plastic sheet and plates, such as plasticPP,PS,PE,HIPS,PC,PMMA,ABS,PET,EVA,TPU,PETG,APET,LDPE,HDPE,PVC single and multi-layer sheet or plates etc 2. PE battery isolation board 3. PP + starch degradation sheet; 4. Micro foaming sheet, etc Product thickness:0.15mm-12.0 mm Application:Products are widely used in various packaging; stationery, pri

PET sheet die

PET sheet die Characters 1. Sheet dies without restrictor bars are used for product thickness ranges below 2mm). dies with restrictor bars are used when product thicknesses range both below and above 2mm, or for highly degradable materials. 2.When processors require larger lip gaps, a common choice is a PET sheet die with a sliding upper lip. A sliding upper lip provides travel of up to 12.5mm. This design is frequently used when product thickness is always above 2mm, and materials are thermally

cast film extrusion die

Zhengzhou Batte Extrusion Mold Factory is a privately owned enterprise specialized in the manufacture of cast extrusion dies. After years of technical staff efforts, with practical experience and advanced CAD / CAM processing equipment, the successful development of a variety of single-layer, multi-layer coextrusion die. Hanger structure PVB casting die. Widely used in automotive, aviation, riot, construction and so on. A continuous, unobstructed flow pattern is obtained at the lip of the die. P

sheet extrusion flat die

The use of advanced polymer melt analyzer combined with Die Flow Software assures optimum design and performance of the die. sheet extrusion flat die systems are available as manual, or automatic,push only, or push and pull. sheet extrusion flat die Application The production line o f sheet extrusion flat die can find its applications in household,wrap bag,decoration and so on. 1.Gain the convenience of rapid online lip gap control with fast open lip adjusting system. Prevent costly down-time fo

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