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What is the role of a new continuous screen changer in the production line of foam sheets

The excellent sealing performance of the new continuous hydraulic extrusion screen changer prevents the corrosion of the machine by flame retardants. The addition of flame retardants requires special measures to protect the steel used from corrosion. In order to minimize the corrosiveness of flame retardants, the melt temperature must be maintained within a narrow range (approximately 220 ℃ for higher temperatures). The corrosiveness of flame retardants increases sharply with each increase in me

The Solution of Screen Changer in Plastic Recycling

In the production process of plastic extrusion, there may be various impurities and fine crystal particles with incomplete plasticization in the raw materials. Even for brand new materials, there may be impurities present during transportation and production. If not filtered, it can lead to a decrease in product quality, an increase in defective products, and even damage the extrusion equipment, leading to production interruption. plastic extrusion continuous screen changer As an essential equip

Dual station design, fast and automatic screen change without stopping!

In the production process of plastic extrusion granulation, due to the use of a single station structure design in the existing water cooled strip pelletizer, it is easy to break the strip during the production process, especially during the process of changing the mesh with the granulation screen changer . In severe cases, it may even require a shutdown to change the mesh, which seriously affects the working efficiency of the extruder, as well as the stability and continuity of product performa

What are the configuration options for hydraulic screen changers for tubes?

Hydraulic screen changers for pipes can realize the replacement of screens without stopping the machine, improve the quality of the product and do not interrupt the production of the product, which is mainly used in corrugated pipes, PPR, PVC and other pipe types. Configuration scheme I: plate type quick extrusion screen changer a. Plate-type rapid screen changer + accumulator hydraulic station + control cabinet b, plate type fast screen changer + accumulator hydraulic station Configuration sche

What are the configuration plans for hydraulic screen changer for pipes?

The hydraulic screen changer for pipes can achieve non-stop filter replacement, improve product quality, and uninterrupted product production. It is mainly used for corrugated pipes, PPR, PVC and other pipe materials. dual pillar continuous screen changer Configuration Plan 1: Plate Type Quick Screen Changer a. Plate type quick screen changer+energy storage hydraulic station+control cabinet b. Plate type quick screen changer+energy storage hydraulic station single plate quick screen changer Conf

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