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Mesh belt type automatic screen changer automatic wire screen changer

Melt belt filter automatic mesh screen changer (mesh belt type mesh screen changer) is a true sense of automatic mesh screen changer, the use of melt pressure or time control mesh screen changer action. The distance and speed of the filter can be set freely. When the pressure or time reaches a set value, the filter automatically moves evenly, and the impurities are brought out of the screen changer with the filter. After setting up, the mesh changer can run completely automatically without manua

How can the hydraulic screen changer be changed without stopping?

At present, the mesh screen changer can be divided into manual mesh screen changer , electric mesh changer, pneumatic mesh changer, hydraulic mesh changer and so on according to the power of mesh changer, among which hydraulic mesh changer is the most widely used. For manual mesh screen changer, electric mesh changer, pneumatic mesh screen changer ; according to the power of the mesh changer, the meaning is to use manual mesh changer, motor-driven mesh changer, pneumatic mesh changer, because th

Advantages of using screen changer in extrusion plastic production line

The mesh screen changer is mainly used in the field of plasticizing materials. When the plasticizing materials flow through the filter, the foreign particles and impurities are filtered out to improve the quality of the products. Zhengzhou Haike mesh changer manufacturer provides mesh changer equipment including: automatic mesh changer, degradable materials mesh changer, cross-linked pipeline mesh changer, foam products mesh changer and other special mesh changer. The application of mesh screenc

The working principle of automatic flushing screen changer

In the process of plastic extrusion production, the plastic melt will produce some decomposition products after long time plasticization, and the raw material itself also contains some impurities. The existence of these impurities not only affects the quality of products, but also affects the continuity and stability of production. The mesh automatic flushing screen changer is arranged between the screw head and the extruder head to filter out impurities and foreign bodies in the plastic melt an

describe the characteristics of the fast screen changer

The plate type rapid screen changer is suitable for the production of granulation, pipe material, film blowing, sheet, adhesive, rubber, chemical fiber products, the production of other thermoplastic products and the blending filtration of materials; Its main features are: automatic discharge, no filter screen, environmental protection and electricity saving, increase production, strengthen plasticization, no loss, simple manipulation, improve the competitiveness of the enterprises to provide ne

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