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Automatic net screen changer solves the problem of the industry

Specializing in the manufacturing of melt screen-changer filter equipment, Batte screen-changer manufacturer is committed to solving the impact of impurities on plastic extrusion products; Bart new generation of screen-changer equipment in the extruder fully automatic screen-changer, it can achieve network-changer without external force, continuous production process without waste products, waste generation. The structure of automatic mesh screen changer of extruder is composed of mesh changer f

Selection of special non-stop net changer for hollow plate lattice board

The special non-stop net changer for wire drawing and hollow plate lattice plate is selected as multi-station hydraulic net changer. It has auxiliary runner and preheating exhaust device, positioning and guiding mechanism, adopts multi-station circulating filtering technology and pre-intervention of net changing system, and is driven by hydraulic pressure. It keeps steady pressure and flow during net changing, without shutting down, breaking film, continuous wire, no leakage of glue and affectin

The application of scene screen changer

During extrusion, impurities mixed into melt plastics not only affect product quality, but also hinder normal production. Therefore, filters are installed on extruders to separate and remove impurities, ensure product quality and stable production. The filter device is generally composed of a filter plate and a filter stack. Filtration screen use - after a period of time, due to impurities and other blockage mesh needs to be replaced, the replacement of the filter screen using the filter exchang

What are the factors that affect screen changer lifetime

Screen changer is widely used in polyester and spinning production line. Its main purpose is to remove solid impurities such as organic melt, carbonized particles and metal oxides in melt, improve product quality, provide qualified raw materials for downstream process and ensure normal production of downstream process. Therefore, the factors affecting the service life of the screen chqnger filter element are analyzed and the device is technically reformed, which prolongs the service life of the

Casting sheet for non-stop screen changers

The special non-stop screen changer for casting, sheet and sheet material adopts multi-network reciprocating filtering technology, single channel or multi-channel screen changer filtering at the same time, with self-contained voltage stabilization and mobile automatic exhaust mechanism, which has better sealing and wear resistance than the ordinary fast screen changer. When changing the screen, it does not stop the machine, keep feeding and affect normal production. Common fast switching device

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