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    cast film extrusion die
    Zhengzhou Batte Extrusion Mold Factory is a privately owned enterprise specialized in the manufacture of cast extrusion dies. After years of technical staff efforts, with practical experience and advanced CAD / CAM processing equipment, the successful development of a variety of single-layer, multi-layer coextrusion die. Hanger structure PVB casting die. Widely used in automotive, aviation, riot, construction and so on. A continuous, unobstructed flow pattern is obtained at the lip of the die. P
    sheet extrusion flat die
    The use of advanced polymer melt analyzer combined with Die Flow Software assures optimum design and performance of the die. sheet extrusion flat die systems are available as manual, or automatic,push only, or push and pull. sheet extrusion flat die Application The production line o f sheet extrusion flat die can find its applications in household,wrap bag,decoration and so on. 1.Gain the convenience of rapid online lip gap control with fast open lip adjusting system. Prevent costly down-time fo
    extrusion melt filter for plastic
    We are specialized in the research and manufacturing of extrusion melt filter for plastic for more than 20 years. With strong scientific research team and mature technology; hold many international and national invention patents. Our items can not only filter impurities, but also can greatly improve the plasticizing and homogenization effect of the raw material, make the product structure more homogeneous and product surface smoothness and quality much better, energy-saving and consumption-reduc
    double plate screen changer price
    Double platescreen exchanger prices vary widely between different brands, usually double plate heat exchanger prices and the plate material, gasket material and heat transfer area and other related, well-known brand of heat exchanger, such as the price of Alfa Laval general Are more than 1,000 yuan per square meter. Domestic well-known heat exchanger manufacturers such as batte melt pump machine, the price concentrated at about 300. Double plate type double working station screen changer specifi
    extrusion melt filter
    Belt filter-automatic mesh belt screen changer/ extrusion melt filter This kind of screen changer consists of the main body of the screen changer, the heating system , the cooling system , and the electrical controlling box. and this kind of screen changer can be controlled by -timer -pressure sensor - manual 1, when the material is virgin material , and the pressure is stablitity, under this case we can control the screen changer by the timer. for example, preset the screen changer interval is
    Screen changers operating procedures
    Screen changers operating procedures 1. Screen changer must be in the squad or workshop technician at the same time change screen. 2. Press the remote control handle start button, start the hydraulic station. 3. After the internal pressure of the hydraulic station reaches the set pressure (at this moment, it will return to whistle reminder), press the push button or the pull button to release the push or pull button after pushing the screen changer body. Push: the screen changer below to enter t
    automatic switching screen changer
    High-Technologys continuous filter media screen changer is designed to facilitate the formation of stable polymer seals that result in reliable, fully automatic screen advancement. Extruder head pressure advances the screen as cold, circulating water forms leak-proof seals. automatic switching screen changer Application: The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device that includes one or more screens designed to filter out foreign particles and impurities in a plasticized material
    show double piston continuous screen changer with double working positions
    Do you want to show double piston continuous screen changer with double working positions or other products of your own company? Cylindrical screen changer equipped with the pressure regulator mechanism , made of high-performance steel and special metal processing and heat treatment, with two-filter channel alternately working for quick screen changing, easy operation and maintenance. △ with highly precise design, abrasive resistant, High pressure performance △Works well even under temperature u
    Recycling filter for highly contaminated applications
    The contaminated melt flows through the fixed, cylindrical strainer tube from the inside out. The micro-conical holes provide efficient filtration of contaminated melt. The contaminants are separated from the melt and then scraped by a rotating blade shaft from the surface of the strainer tube. The cooled discharge screw removes the collected contaminants from the machine out. The speed of the blade shaft/discharge screw can be adjusted depending on the throughput, contaminat level and discharge
    Screen Changer For Recycling Machine
    Plastic products as a new type of material, with light, waterproof, durable, mature production technology, the advantages of low cost, widely used in the world and showed a growing trend. Companies in the plastic pellet machine manufacturing and technology, and strive to innovation, focus on product design, in a short period of time to Chinas renewable resources equipment manufacturing on a vivid industrial design concept of counseling classes. Screen Changer For Recycling Machine is based on th
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