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Continuous mesh screen changer

There is no need to shut down and spend labor. According to its design, it can be divided into two main types: interchangeability and continuous type. The interchanger has two identical groups. One of them is installed on the melt flow path. When the net group becomes dirty, replace it with another set of clean groups. At the same time, the old same group was replaced. The two sets of nets are mounted on the same steel plate, revolve around one axis, or slide along the guide rail in a straight l

Extruded board dedicated non-stop screen changer

It has a self locking multi position structure and automatic positioning and guiding system. It has a new filter net advance preheating and the old filter network automatic discharge mechanism, and the specific rate of the screen changer at the specific rate can achieve the super steady pressure and the balance of the material temperature - no stop, no air leakage, no leakage, no noise, the melting weight, the crack elimination and no normal production ( The size of the plate remains the same. T

The scope of application of hydraulic screen changer for plastic extrusion equipment

Hello, you said that the screen changer , we produce is suitable for all resin filter use, such as all kinds of plastic sheet, film industry, granulating industry and so on, plus fast hydraulic station, can realize the rapid net change network. Change the net time =2S, the switch is divided into manual (artificial net) and automatic, and the human structure is divided into The plate type and the column type, in recent years, also have a new type of structure rotary net converter, but the price i

Structure and working principle of plate type screen exchanger

It is one of the most widely used and most widely used equipment for plastic extrusion in plastic extrusion system. It is suitable for all thermoplastic plastics such as sheet, sheet, pipe and blow film. Among them, the single plate mesh changer has advantages such as short flow path and small volume. The plate typescreen changer is composed of two main parts. That is, the exchanger itself and the hydraulic system that controls it. The mesh screen changer includes a slide plate (it has two filte

Quick screen changer single board double station

Performance characteristics of A. The single board double station quick screenchanger is a cost-effective device with excellent performance. It can quickly switch the filter network in 0.4 seconds, change the net movement quickly, the material flow is small, the material is not leaked, the pressure is high, the filter area is large, the operation is simple, the net change is quick, the high anti wear, the high compression pressure, the high precision filter design, the effective area and the qua

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