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Switching Principle of Interchangeable screen changer and Continuous screen changer

Interchangeable network screen changer: Interchangeable screen changer has two identical groups, one of which is installed on the melt flow path. When the network group becomes dirty, it is replaced by another clean group. At the same time, the old group is replaced outside. The two sets of nets are mounted on the same steel plate and rotate around an axis or slide along a straight line of the guide rail. Its disadvantage will cause material flow fluctuation when changing network, and seriously

Application of Hot Melt Adhesive Extruder in Filter Industry

Extruders have been used in plastic continuous extrusion for decades, using superior resin materials; polyamide/polyester materials require special screw design process, and many rubber coating applications are discontinuous. Extruders are designed according to the instantaneous large extrusion of materials because there is no cylinder block. Generally speaking, the large end of rubber strip and pressure loss will occur during the intermittent coating process. The extruder metering pump combined

Fully automatic screen changer to improve the speed of screen

The batte network belt screen changer is two times faster than the previous model and can filter a higher percentage of pollutants. The new design can work without leakage at temperatures up to 650 degrees F and form a polymer seal, thus achieving a smooth and uninterrupted filter replacement cycle. In addition, the new high-strength filter medium enables the device to operate reliably under the condition of constant pressure difference of up to 2000 psi. Multilayer media combination can filter

High viscosity melt pump is different from centrifugal pump

What is the difference between high viscosity gear pump and centrifugal pump? Melt pump belongs to capacity pump. Conveyor flow can be controlled accurately and variable displacement pump can be made conveniently. The output flow of centrifugal pump is uncontrollable, and the increase of frictional resistance with it decreases; the pump has a strong natural suction capacity, and the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before moving. Rotor pump speed ratio is very low, generally between 2

Connection sequence of electronic control box of screen changer

1. Connection sequence of screen changer controller When everything is ready, the wiring begins. According to the schematic diagram, the wiring of the main circuit should be completed first, and then the control circuit and the signal circuit should be connected in turn. 2. screen changer controller wiring When laying out the wire, it is necessary to blank according to the actual needs, the length of the movable wire harness should be considered for the larger limit position, and the short and z

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