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Connection sequence of electronic control box of screen changer

1. Connection sequence of screen changer controller When everything is ready, the wiring begins. According to the schematic diagram, the wiring of the main circuit should be completed first, and then the control circuit and the signal circuit should be connected in turn. 2. screen changer controller wiring When laying out the wire, it is necessary to blank according to the actual needs, the length of the movable wire harness should be considered for the larger limit position, and the short and z

Advantages of improved sliding plate type screen changer

1. Realizing non-stop network change can avoid production standstill and material loss caused by network change, save cost and improve economic benefits of enterprises. 2. Uninterrupted material flow, reduce fluctuation of flow and pressure, and improve product quality. 3. The whole device is compact in structure, simple in manufacture, convenient in use and maintenance, stable in performance, safe and reliable, labor-saving and simple through hydraulic control, and can reduce the labor intensit

Hydraulic screen changer manufacturer

Hydraulic screen changer manufacturer is now a successful Minister of mature mechanical technology, is an indispensable life for the development of machinery and industry. Over the years, through the unremitting efforts of these manufacturers, the worlds industry can have such development advantages as now. Without the existence of networking equipment manufactured by manufacturers, the industrial development will not be so fast. After long-term research, the network screen changer manufacturers

Fast screen changer

Single board, double board, single column, double column net changer, hydraulic net changer is fast, easy to produce and maintain. With built-in sealing device, the sealing performance is good, which can meet the production of arbitrary high extrusion volume of polymer, and can be used in conjunction with different standard extruders. Fast screen changer time is less than 2 seconds, and filter area is chosen from 30 mm to 250mm. High wear resistance, high pressure resistance, high precision filt

Any plastic product has a screen changer for it

Any kind of plastic products we have a suitable mesh screen changer , each plastic product production process and raw materials are different, the requirements of the mesh changer are also different. Therefore, we carry out one-to-one targeted research and design, and develop a variety of dedicated network changers, such as: XPS Extrusion board dedicated network changer; blown film dedicated network changer; pipe industry dedicated network changer; wire drawing machine dedicated network screen c

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