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Switching Principle of Interchangeable screen changer and Continuous screen changer

  Interchangeable network screen changer: Interchangeable screen changer has two identical groups, one of which is installed on the melt flow path. When the network group becomes dirty, it is replaced by another clean group. At the same time, the old group is replaced outside. The two sets of nets are mounted on the same steel plate and rotate around an axis or slide along a straight line of the guide rail. Its disadvantage will cause material flow fluctuation when changing network, and seriously affect the quality of products. Interchangeable network screen changer products include single-board dual-station converter, double-board dual-station converter, single-column dual-station converter, double-column dual-station converter, etc.

  Continuous mesh screen changer: Continuous mesh screen changer gradually moves the new mesh into the melt flow and removes the old mesh. The speed of mesh changer can be adjusted automatically according to the impurity quality. Continuous mesh changer can eliminate the change of melt pressure and melt temperature caused by intermittent operation, which will affect the quality of products. Bart's four-network circular switcher is based on the principle of continuous switching to achieve high-efficiency switching without affecting the quality of products and other advantages.

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