batte melt pump

Fully automatic screen changer to improve the speed of screen

  The batte network belt screen changer is two times faster than the previous model and can filter a higher percentage of pollutants. The new design can work without leakage at temperatures up to 650 degrees F and form a polymer seal, thus achieving a smooth and uninterrupted filter replacement cycle.

  In addition, the new high-strength filter medium enables the device to operate reliably under the condition of constant pressure difference of up to 2000 psi. Multilayer media combination can filter up to 50 microns, suitable for all kinds of polymers, including high viscosity and low viscosity polymers.

  Through the PLC color touch screen control device and descriptive graphics, the net changer can be fully customized and integrated into a complex production line. Operating parameters and hardware conditions (such as heaters and sensors) can be continuously monitored, with fast response characteristics.

  The control device can detect the real-time process conditions (including 20 dispersed alarms) and automatically adjust the speed of filter mesh replacement at intervals of 5 minutes to 8 hours. It can also maintain high continuous production even under the condition of unstable pollution level.

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