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Connection sequence of electronic control box of screen changer

1. Connection sequence of screen changer controller

When everything is ready, the wiring begins. According to the schematic diagram, the wiring of the main circuit should be completed first, and then the control circuit and the signal circuit should be connected in turn.

2. screen changer controller wiring

When laying out the wire, it is necessary to blank according to the actual needs, the length of the movable wire harness should be considered for the larger limit position, and the short and zero wire ends should be used as far as possible in laying out the wire, so as to avoid waste; the secondary conductor is not allowed to have intermediate joints, strong tension conductors and their insulation damaged, and the arrangement of conductors should minimize bending, crossing and bending. The bending radius should not be less than 3 times of the outer diameter of the conductor, and bend into an arc. When the conductor crosses, a small number of conductors should span multiple conductors, while the thin conductor should cross the thick conductor as the principle; when wiring, each conductor should be pulled straight, the line should be straight and neat, and the style is beautiful; when the conductor crosses the hole of the metal plate, it needs to be in the metal plate. A suitable protective device, such as rubber retainer, is put on the hole; the wire bundle is wound with flame retardant winding pipe. In order to meet the heat dissipation requirement when conducting electricity, the winding pipe should have 3-10 mm gap in each winding circumference, and can also be winded in segments. The interval of winding in segments is 150-180 mm, and the winding length is 100 mm. The winding in segments should also be done in segments. Tidy, not allowed to be uneven, the traverse should be traveled in the traveling trough.

3. Pressure of screen changer Controller Connection Head

The wiring passes through the wiring head and wiring and external components, and then closes the circuit breaker to check whether each circuit is working properly. Only when all the circuits are working properly, can it be transferred to the next process. After testing, the wiring slot and terminal cover should be reset in time, and the circuit breaker and air switch in the electronic control box should be kept in place. Disconnect status.

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