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    Benefits of screen Changer extrusion applications
    Benefits of screen Changer extrusion applications are so outstanding that screen changers are widely used in various extrusion lines. Screen changers used for extrusion lines can improve the quality of products.
    Screen changer adapter types
    Screen changer adapter types include bolt-on adapter, clamp type adaptation, and thread-on ring & bolt-on adapter. They are representative of the most typical ways in which screen changers can be retro-fitted into existing lines.
    Screen Changer Adapter
    Screen Changer Adapter is to fit the screen changer into an extrusion line for polymer melt filtration. Retro-fits of Existing Lines, New Lines, and Advantages of a Screw Tip Extension are as follows.
    Screen Changer cooling system
    Screen Changer cooling system is cooling water flow manifold, and these screen changers are for polymer melt filtration. Cooling water flow manifold components are shown in the following content.
    Screen changers for polymer melt filtration
    Screen changers for polymer melt filtration have an outstanding advantages, it is no downtime, such as no moving parts, no hot breaker plates to handle, no wear, no leaks, etc. Advantages and specifications are also available.
    Screen changer application
    Screen changer application is for polymer melt filtration in a wide range of thermoplastics, and fully automatic, continuous screen changers are main types. The available materials are shown in the following.
    Continuous screen changer working principle
    Continuous screen changer working principle has a little difference between different types. Our continuous screen changers are based on a proven double-piston design that operates without any additional seals.
    Polymer Valves
    These polymer valves can be used both as independent component and as functional unit in other equipment, such as large area filtration units. Start-up valves and Diverter Valves are polymer values.
    Extrusion Screen Changers
    Extrusion Screen Changers include Discontinuous screen changers Flat Slide / Single piston type, Continuous screen changers Double Piston Type, Backflush screen changer, and customized types.
    Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer
    Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer is integrated with hydraulic screen changer. Hydraulic Unit is the product of melt filter drive system. The advantages, technical parameter, and hydraulic unit types are as follows.
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