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Brief introduction of mesh belt type melt filter automatic screen changer

The net belt melt filter automatic screen changer (net belt screen changer) is a real automatic screen changer, which uses melt pressure or time to control the action of the screen changer. The distance and speed of screen movement can be set freely. When the pressure or time reaches the set value, the screen will automatically move evenly, and impurities will be brought out of the screen changer with the screen. After setting, the screen changer is fully automatic, without manual operation, the

Fully automatic operation to speed up the screen changer

Zb-ssp-a-180 is twice as fast as the previous model and can filter higher percentage of pollutants. The new design works leak free at temperatures up to 650 F and forms a polymer seal for a smooth, uninterrupted screen change cycle. In addition, the new high-strength filter medium enables the device to operate reliably under the condition that the constant pressure difference of the filter screen is up to 2000 psi. The combination of multi-layer filter media can filter up to 50 microns, suitable

New packing type plunger mesh screen changer structure

Packing type plunger net screen changer includes cylinder block and plunger rod, plunger rod is connected with linear power mechanism, plunger rod is placed in cylinder block, plunger rod can slide relatively between plunger rod and cylinder block, plunger rod can extend along one end of cylinder block, filler is arranged at the other end of cylinder block, conical surface and cylinder block are arranged at the root of the extended end of plunger rod. There is a closed line contact between them.

PET backwash screen changer

Product description: PET backwash screen changer has the following characteristics: Continuous Melt Filter 100% exhaust through vent Four filter chambers, operated and changed on the same side. 75% of the filter area is maintained in production when changing the screen. 100% automatic flushing filter The filter has a long life and can be washed up to 100 times. This process is the core component of packaging belt production equipment, with new core technology.

How to Realize Fast Switching by Automatic screen changer

An automatic mesh screen changer is arranged between the end of the barrel of the plastic extruder and the feed pipe of the die head. The base of the automatic mesh changer is provided with a conical hole and a through hole intersecting with the conical hole. The conical hole is matched with a conical mesh plate: a through mesh is arranged in the through hole of the mesh plate; a lifting mesh plate is arranged on the base. Device. The lifting bracket plate device includes a bracket, a screw, a h

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