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New packing type plunger mesh screen changer structure

Packing type plunger net screen changer includes cylinder block and plunger rod, plunger rod is connected with linear power mechanism, plunger rod is placed in cylinder block, plunger rod can slide relatively between plunger rod and cylinder block, plunger rod can extend along one end of cylinder block, filler is arranged at the other end of cylinder block, conical surface and cylinder block are arranged at the root of the extended end of plunger rod. There is a closed line contact between them. A sinking hole and a chamfer are arranged at the inner hole of the cylinder block corresponding to the conical surface, and the taper of the chamfer is larger than that of the conical surface. The plunger rod is provided with through holes, and a sieve orifice plate and a filter screen are installed at one end of the through holes. The filler is fixed by a packing cap, and the linear power mechanism is a hydraulic cylinder or a cylinder. The cylinder block is connected with the installation plate through the column, the linear power mechanism is fixed on the installation plate, and the guide plate sliding along the column is fixed on the plunger rod.

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