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How to Realize Fast Switching by Automatic screen changer

An automatic mesh screen changer is arranged between the end of the barrel of the plastic extruder and the feed pipe of the die head. The base of the automatic mesh changer is provided with a conical hole and a through hole intersecting with the conical hole. The conical hole is matched with a conical mesh plate: a through mesh is arranged in the through hole of the mesh plate; a lifting mesh plate is arranged on the base. Device.

The lifting bracket plate device includes a bracket, a screw, a handwheel and a pressure plate arranged on the base. One end of the screw matching the bracket is provided with a handwheel, and the other end of the screw is movably matched with one end with a larger diameter of the bracket plate and a pressure plate.

The through hole on the base is a step hole, which is connected with the feeding tube on the barrel and the die head respectively and the inner cavity is connected. The angle between the conical hole surface on the base and the vertical direction is 5-30 degrees, and the cross section of the conical hole is quadrilateral.

The through hole of the trawl plate is a step hole, and the filter screen changer is set in the hole with larger diameter and close to the step surface. The inner diameter of the hole is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the filter screen. The dimension shape of the trawl plate coincides with the conical hole on the base. The angle between the conical surface and the vertical direction is 51-30 degrees, and the cross section of the conical body is 51-30 degrees. It's quadrilateral.

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