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What are the benefits of using screen changers for plastics production

1. Cleaning the impurities before the porous plate (also called shunt plate) without stopping or disassembling the flange of the extruder reduces the labor intensity of the workers, improves the production efficiency, and also reduces the generation of waste. 2. No cooling or heating is needed to reduce the loss of electric energy. 3. Non-stop and disassembly of machines have improved productivity and workersworking efficiency, and increased benefits for enterprises. 4. More importantly, the imp

Network flow analysis for screen changer

When the screen changer of the extruder needs to change the screen in the process of using, the filter plate slides along the guide rail driven by the oil cylinder; because all the filter holes on the three filter plates are uniformly distributed, the number of filter plate sliding holes at the working station aligned with the cross section of the extrusion screw remains unchanged, so the melting pressure and flow rate of the extruded material through the filter holes remain constant. Because al

Large Filtration Surface Screen Changer

Large Filtration Surface Screen Changer consists of two drum type filters with large-area filtration, so it also called drum filter with large filtration surface. The details of features, and applications are as follows.

Double-piston continuous screen changer

Double-piston continuous screen changer realizes a non-stopping screen changing operation by altering two pistons with double filtering areas. The features, benefits, and applications are as follows.

Single-plate hydraulic screen changers

Single-plate hydraulic screen changers consist of main body, slide plate, heater and hydraulic unit with accumulator. They are widely used for their technology features, outstanding benefits, and other properties.

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