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Performance characteristics of network screen changer

Following is a small edition of the net screen changer manufacturer, which specifically introduces the specific configuration of the net changer for wire drawing and its performance advantages.

1. Double-pillar continuous network screen changer and hydraulic station can be used. Its advantages are: non-stop network changeover can be realized, the fluctuation of material pressure during network changeover is small, the introduction and exhaust devices are designed, the production is uninterrupted, and the continuity is good.

2. Wire-drawing screen changer can also be equipped with plate continuous screen changer and hydraulic station. Its advantages are that it can realize non-stop network changer, production is uninterrupted during network changeover without re-traction, and the cost-effective ratio is high.

3. Another configuration is the use of belt-type automatic network screen changer and electronic control system. Its advantage is that it can achieve non-stop network changer, in the true sense, full automatic network changer, without manual operation, no fluctuation of material pressure and flow, and truly realize constant pressure production without affecting product quality. Specifically, according to the user's production capacity, material properties, finished product quality and other parameters, to configure network changer equipment for users, to create greater production value for users.

Double-plate screen changer adopts double-plate and double-station design, and double-channel and double-filter work at the same time. The structure is simple and easy to maintain.

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