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High viscosity melt pump is different from centrifugal pump


 What is the difference between high viscosity gear pump and centrifugal pump?

  Melt pump belongs to capacity pump. Conveyor flow can be controlled accurately and variable displacement pump can be made conveniently. The output flow of centrifugal pump is uncontrollable, and the increase of frictional resistance with it decreases; the pump has a strong natural suction capacity, and the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before moving.

  Rotor pump speed ratio is very low, generally between 200 RMP and 600 rmp, the raw materials of the conveyor are exported steadily and the composition will not be seriously damaged. The centrifugal pump has a high speed ratio, the raw materials of the conveyor are subjected to super-strong collision and centripetal force, so the centrifugal pump often produces different substance components when conveyor compounds, which reduces the quality of the finished products. And our melt pump is the choice to solve this problem, so it is especially suitable for mixing materials of conveyor and even raw materials with liquid particulate matter, and can easily be made into high output pressure types. The centrifugal pump does not have such characteristics.

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