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Products for low-viscosity applications

Products for low-viscosity applications are mainly for low-viscosity melts and fluids (< 500 mPas), we offer solutions for pumping and filtration as well as drop pelletizing technology for superior product quality.

Products for low-viscosity applications

Products for low-viscosity applications:
Melt pumps
Simplex and duplex large-area filtration units
Drop pelletizing systems

These advanced systems have been specifically designed to produce highly uniform spherical pellets without dust generation. Cooling may be with air, nitrogen or water, providing the customer with a maximum of operational flexibility.

Low-viscosity applications:
Polymer preproducts, e.g. dimethyl terephthalate, bisphenol A, maleic anhydride, urea
Low-viscosity polymers, e.g. PET
Additives for the plastics industry, e.g. light and heat stabilizers, lubricants, or surfactants
Active ingredients for the flavor and food industry, e.g. encapsulated products

No matter what low-viscosity product you are producing, we can offer you the ideal products for low-viscosity applications and your specific applications.

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