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What is the difference between single-plate duplex screen changer and single-plate continuous screen changer?

The single-plate extrusion melt filter screen changer has two filtering stations on the filter plate, while the single-plate continuous four-station screen changer has four independent porous plates, which is the difference in its internal structure; for the installed finished product, it is still not easy to distinguish from the appearance, because it is really impossible to see from the surface that it is several mesh blocks.

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However, there are also differences in the configuration between single-board duplex and single-board continuous four-position screen changer. The appearance of single-plate duplex is a plate with two holes, the working state is pushing and pulling (cylinder pushing the slide and pulling the slide) with a hydraulic station with pressure storage tank, generally known as fast change; single-plate four-position screen changer is four independent multi-hole plate, from the cylinder end into, the other end out (one end into the other end out of the cycle work), working hydraulic station without pressure storage tank, is slow push. Therefore, the single-plate duplex and single-plate continuous four-position polymer screen changer are distinguished by whether the hydraulic station used has a pressure storage tank.

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