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Thermal adhesive double column screen changer

The application of thermal adhesive is very wide. Usually the composition of thermal adhesive is a colloid composed of polyethylene, polyisobutylene, butyl rubber, etc.. It can be made into various thermal adhesive tapes, thermal adhesive stickers and thermal films, etc. It can be used in various engineering, cosmetic, medical adhesive tape, pharmaceutical preparations and heat preservation places. Heat-sensitive adhesive, also known as heat-activated adhesive.

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Customer working conditions: materials are polyethylene, polyisobutylene, butyl rubber and other plastic particles; process characteristics, high output, high temperature, high filtering precision, high viscosity, low pressure fluctuations, high stability and reliability requirements; heating temperature range of 200-280 ℃; heating pressure of 3.0-10.0 MPa; output of 100-1,000 kg/h; Zhengzhou Batte according to the characteristics of its working conditions matching The double-column hydraulic screen changer for thermal adhesive is a precision double pillar screen changer (round or oblong screen) or a double-column super large area screen changer.

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Features of the double column hydraulic screen changer for thermal adhesives:

1. column type product body and plunger made of heat-treated special steel;

2、Precision gap control to achieve excellent rigid sealing, providing excellent durability and reliability;

3, electric heating or thermal media runner heating optional;

4、Online replacement of the filter screen without downtime.

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We understand the characteristics of most thermoplastic materials and have accumulated rich experience in the use of equipment. We can provide better solutions according to the user's needs, characteristics of thermal adhesives, production principles, common materials, process characteristics of heating temperature, processing pressure, production weight, etc.


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