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Six advantages of pet packing belt special screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte domestic large-scale screen changer production and manufacturing enterprise provides large-scale melt screen changer filtration equipment, including: PP recycling granulation screen changer, pet packing belt screen changer, pipe profile screen changer, blown film hydraulic screen changer, etc. In this paper, Bart, a manufacturer of net changer in Zhengzhou, introduces in detail the six advantages of its special net changer for pet packing belt.
Pet packing belt screen changer is made of special alloy material through strict forging, surface heat treatment and precise metal processing technology, thus prolonging the service life of the equipment; it optimizes the structure design, realizes the preheating of the filter screen and increases the function of material introduction and exhaust, completely avoids the fluctuation of melt pressure and temperature during the screen changing process, and ensures the quality of the final product; pet packing belt The screen changer can be designed in a variety of heating ways to meet the user's production needs; Batte's packaging belt screen changer realizes the integrated design, reduces the equipment space and reduces the energy consumption of the equipment; it completely realizes the non-stop replacement of the screen and improves the production efficiency; PET packaging belt screen changer also optimizes the structure of the support plate of the filter screen, with the purpose of facilitating the cleaning and replacement of the filter screen Effectively eliminate the problem of product defects caused by resin aging black spots.

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