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Double plate screen changer

Double plate screen changer also called double plate double station fast screen changer is a kind of 2 cavities screen changers, and the screen replacement is very short and no need shut down the working machine.

double plate double station fast screen changer
Double plate screen changer Features:
Double plate double station fast screen changer for dual network applications at the same time, changing the net a net work, replacement of a network without interrupting the material flow, can achieve non-stop screen changing. Two filter units work simultaneously, the filter area is two times of the single net. Extrusion production requirements for all polymers. The process of changing the net is discontinuous, and the output of the extruder will not cause the obvious fluctuation, and the stability of the product quality is improved.. Screen changer can withstand higher melt pressure. The reliable sealing structure improves the sealing effect..
Double plate hydraulic screen changer Application:
These 2 cavities screen changers for automatic compensation seal clearance, high pressure, high temperature, no leakage, filter area, high output equipment. When the net is not down, can increase the output, save energy consumption. Easy to change network, easy operation and maintenance. Screen changers Widely used in the extrusion production line of granulation, pipe, plate, sheet, cast film, etc..

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