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Application range of melt extrusion screen changer

The screen changer can be fitted to any new or existing extruder, melt pump, reactor or other extrusion production line. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber or ceramic melt.

melt extrusion screen changer

The melt filter changer can be used in plastic, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramic material extrusion production line.. These Converter - including from the low - cost manual converter to the highly complex without stopping power regulator automatically for the screw diameter of 35mm to 300mm extruder. The converter is commonly used in the following production line:

1 from the synthetic reaction device of the plastic resin to the extrusion granulation production line of the bulk particles.

2 ceramic extrusion line.

3. The polymers (plastics and rubber molding production lines, including blown film, cast film, sheet, pipe, profile, plastic recycling, granulation, drawing, water cut grain, color masterbatch granulation and extrusion coating production line.

4 suitable for all kinds of granulating machine, extrusion machine, film blowing machine, drawing machine, sheet extrusion machine, extrusion machine. Application of different types of wire changer to meet the requirements of different applications and processes. Manual or low speed change is requirements of the production line must be a short time to stop filtering, to make the changes, and high-speed for network device, and some special structure of screen changer can realize non-stop screen changing or slow extrusion speed when changing the net.

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