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    batte double plate screen changer
    We provide single-plate, double-plate, single-column, double-column screen changer . Changing the screen hydraulically for easy production and maintenance. The filtering channels of double-plate four-position unit may work alternately, contributing to quick screen change-over , easy production and simple maintenance. Come with built-in sealing device to ensure sound tightness and allow for mass production of any polymers, capable of being coupled with extruders of various specifications. The scr
    screen changer for extruder
    screen changer for extruder Specifications: 1.Hydraulic single-plate double-stations screen changer. 2.Rich experience:every year we produce approx 500 sets. 3.Good price screen changer for extruder Description: single plate screen changer:Plate and screen changer are all made 38CrMoAl alloy steel. group leak-protection sheel set of changing reseau:it is suitable for the filter of high transparent, high viscidity, fissility, and plastic of high molecular quantum. Characteristic:the mould group l
    batte extrusion melt filter
    Belt filter-automatic mesh belt screen changer/ extrusion melt filter This kind of extrusion melt filter consists of the main body of the screen changer, the heating system , the cooling system , and the electrical controlling box. and this kind of screen changer can be controlled by -timer -pressure sensor - manual 1, when the material is virgin material , and the pressure is stablitity, under this case we can control the screen changer by the timer. for example, preset the screen changer inter
    Double piston screen changers with two cavities
    Double piston screen changers with two cavities also known as double pillar type double working station screen changer. Screen changer is used to promote the operating process.
    Manual control screen changer
    Manual screen changer provides a cost effective filtration solution for the polymer extrusion industry. Manual screen changers (manual control screen changer) can filter contamination which affects the quality of the product.
    Double plate screen changer
    Double plate screen changer is a kind of two screen cavities screen changers. The cavity with dirty screen will be moved out in short time. It realizes non stop screen changing operation by two pillar with double filtering areas.
    Single slide plate screen changer
    Single slide plate screen changer offers an economical, efficient way for plastics processors to filter contaminants from polymer flows. Batte manufactures single slide plate type double working station screen changer and other products for plastics extrusion systems.
    Backflush screen changer
    Backflush screen changer is a kind of self cleaning screen changer with the design of four channels and four filters. The four filters of backflush screen changer are working simultaneously without stopping material flowing or mass production.
    Double piston screen changer with four screen cavities
    Double piston screen changer with four screen cavities is two working position screen changer with four channels and four filters. Double column large capacity screen changer is the special type, and can reduce the frequency of changing the screen.
    Single piston screen changer
    Single piston screen changer is a kind of extrusion screen changer used for extruder to improve quality of products, and this type extruder hydraulic screen changer is Batte hot product with good performance and properties.
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