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double plate screen changer application

double plate screen changer application

Application of raw materials: PP, PE, ABS, PS and other plastic melts, etc.

features of double plate screen changer

This series of double plate screen changer filters is made up of filter body, heating / cooling system, electronic control system and so on, without external force control. Its control elements can automatically control filtering time and speed.

double plate screen changer technology and specifications

1, Zhengzhou batte double plate changer screen changer online automatic filtering processing of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, melt adhesive, automatically replace the filter, do not stop production, without interruption, time saving, energy saving and increasing production, no waste, small pressure fluctuation of molten material within the system, material flow a steady, high product quality, stable and reliable performance, welcomed by users;

2. This series of filters are composed of the filter body, the heating / cooling series, the electronic control system and so on.

3. Without external force control, the system control element can automatically control the filtering time and the speed of the network.

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