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Screen Changer Types

Batte is a screen changer manufacturer in China, and supplies different screen changer types, such as manual screen changer, hydraulic screen changer, continuous screen changer, and other types for melt filtration system.

Screen Changer

Screen Changer Types:
Manual Screen Changer
Single-plate Hydraulic Screen Changer
Single-piston Screen Changer
Double-piston Continuous Screen Changer
Single-plate Continuous Screen Changer
Single-piston Continuous Screen Changer
Double-piston Continuous Screen Changer
Double-piston Continuous with 4 working positions
Drum Filter with Large Filtration Surface
Continuous Screen Changer with Four Plates Circulation
Continuous Backflush Screen Changer
Automatic Belt Screen Changer
Hydraulic Unit
Electrical Control System

All these screen changer types are widely used in all field of polymer extrusion, including sheet, cast film, blown film, blow molding, filament and fibers, pipe, etc.

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