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Manual Screen Changer

Manual Screen Changer is designed for low throughput production process below 130 kg/h with minimum installation space required. The features, benefits, applications, and suggestion are shown as follows.

Manual Screen Changer

Manual Screen Changer Features:
Made of high grade tool steel which is thermally treated
The special material and simple design ensure reliability and longer service time
Adjustable handle position according to specific space available at production site
Unique flexible sealing system guarantees perfect sealing effect and leakage-free process.

Manual Screen Changer Benefits:
Simple and easy operation
Economical polymer melt filtration solution
Increased productivity

Manual Screen Changer Applications:
Blown film and cast film
Pipe and profile
Wire and cable extrusion
Blow molding
Recycling of most polymers

Manual screen changer is appropriate to the screw size smaller than 65mm, while it is difficult to drive by manual if the screw size larger than 65mm. It is better to adopt hydraulic power.

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