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Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer

Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer is integrated with hydraulic screen changer. Hydraulic Unit is the product of melt filter drive system. The advantages, technical parameter, and hydraulic unit types are as follows.

Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer

Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer advantages:
Advanced design
Compact size
Stable driving force
Easy operation
Low noise

Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer Technical Parameter:
Flow Rate of Hydraulic Unit: 8-40L/min
Pressure: 4-20MPa
Oil Tank Volume: 5-35L
Motor Power: 1.5-3 KW
Temperature Range: 0-400℃
Material Pressure Range: 0-60MPa

Three types of Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer:
Hydraulic unit with accumulator, screen changing time will be faster. Screen changing time is within 2 seconds.
Hydraulic unit with wheel trolley, be more convenient for movement.
Hydraulic unit with electric box, included on/ off button.
Other hydraulic unit types customized according to customer’s requirements

In addition the Hydraulic Unit for Screen Changer, Batte also offers Electrical Control System. Electrical control system is a control device for temperature, material pressure, hydraulic pressure, dynamical system and screen changing with alarm system. It has the PID, PLC procedure control and PC man-machine contact surface controls three modes for choice.

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