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Filtration System

Filtration System consists of double piston screen changer, single piston screen changer, large area filtration, slide plate, diverter values, and other products. Screen changer products are core products.

double piston screen changer

Filtration System Components:
Double piston screen changers:

Continuous double piston screen changer
Backflush screen changer
Double piston screen changer with diverter valve
Large area screen changer
Screen area-optimized continuous screen changer
Continuous large-area filter
CSC-Retrofit pistons

Single piston screen changers:
Continuous screen changer
Screen changer for demanding extrusion processes
Compact screen changer

Large Area Filtration:
Continuous large area polymer filtration systems
Filter candles for large area screen changers
Discontinuous large area filtration systems

Slide plate:
Plate screen changer
Continuous screen changer for extrusion processes
Hand screen changer

Diverter valves: DV Diverter valve

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