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Continuous screen changer working principle

Continuous screen changer working principle has a little difference between different types. Our continuous screen changers are based on a proven double-piston design that operates without any additional seals.

Continuous screen changer

Continuous screen changer working principle:
Continuous screen changers are based on a proven double-piston design that operates without any additional seals. This sturdy construction delivers a reliable and leak-free filtration of polymer melts for many years, no matter what the size or configuration of the system.
On the inlet side, rheologically optimised flow channels distribute the melt flow in even quantities into the screen cavities. The breaker plates are fitted with screen mesh material to match the filtration grade required.
After the screens, the two cleaned partial melt flows are brought together and exit the filter housing simultaneously. To change the screen, the pistons are ejected from the housing one after the other using hydraulic cylinders. Once replaced, they are returned to their production position in the same way. During the brief screen change process, the melt flows continuously through the other piston, thereby ensuring the system's constant operation.

Batte new type continuous screen changer is a breakthrough in terms of the available filtration area, with no less than a 4 time increase over standard continuous screen changer models!
It is now possible to maximize the filtration surface on any installed continuous screen changer, with Batte's patent pending arched breaker plates offering no less than up to 2.5 times more active filtration surface than existing pistons with round filter cavities! The procedure takes less than a day. Filter handling and venting processes remain unchanged.

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