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Automatic flushing screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a well-known domestic network screen changer manufacturer. It has decades of R & D and production experience. It can be divided into: single board, double panels, single column and two columns to meet different user's production needs. What are the advantages of Batte's new generation of automatic flushing screen changer?

Bart exchanger manufacturers to develop a new generation of automatic flushing screen changer, especially suitable for the recovery processing of waste plastics, non-stop screen changer, it has the function of automatic cleaning filter, can greatly reduce the frequency changer, avoid frequent switching network; automatic flushing screen changer back washing of high efficiency, fast non-stop change network device, avoid production stop, Henan exchanger, energy saving and increasing production, saving production cost; automatic flushing the exchanger when changing the net material without changing the pressure flow rate is stable, no instantaneous flow, no melt leakage.

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