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Screen changer for PP plastic hollow plate extrusion production line

The screen changer of PP hollow plate extrusion production line is an indispensable and important equipment in the plastic extrusion production process. During the plastic extrusion process, the molten plastic material will continuously pass through the filter screen to eliminate impurities and ensure the stability of product quality. However, as the production process continues, the filter will gradually become clogged and require frequent replacement. At this point, the performance of the screen changer is directly related to production efficiency and product quality.

PP plastic hollow plate extrusion screen changer

Traditional screen swappers often require shutdown during the process, which not only affects production efficiency, but also causes certain damage to the equipment if the shutdown time is too long. To solve this problem, the new PP hollow plate extrusion production line adopts online screen changing technology, achieving non-stop screen changing and greatly improving production efficiency.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

This new type of network changer adopts a dual network design, with one working and one standby. When the work network is blocked, it can quickly switch to the backup network to achieve continuous production. At the same time, the design of the screen changer also takes into account the convenience of operation, making the screen changing process simple and fast, reducing the difficulty of operation, and improving production efficiency.

continuous screen changer

In addition, the new PP hollow plate extrusion production line screen changer also adopts an intelligent control system, which can monitor the blockage of the filter screen in real time, provide early warning, and avoid production interruption caused by filter screen blockage. At the same time, the intelligent control system can also automatically adjust the parameters of the screen changer according to the production situation, achieving optimal production status.

double screen changer

With the continuous progress of technology, The performance of the mesh changer in the PP hollow plate extrusion production line will become increasingly superior, and its role in plastic extrusion production will also become increasingly important. We look forward to more innovative technologies being applied to screen changers in the future, bringing more convenience and benefits to plastic extrusion production.


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