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Introduction to the Composition and Structure of the Double Cylinder Hydraulic Screen Changer for Plastic Extruder

The double cylinder screen changer for plastic extruder consists of a main body and two core shafts, each symmetrically equipped with one or more filtering channels. The filtering channels on these two core shafts can be in the working position at the same time, and also allow the filtering channels on one core shaft to be in the working position, while the filtering channels on the other core shaft are in the non working position, to achieve non-stop screen changing.

Screen Changer for Plastic Extruder

1. Subject

A shell that supports a spindle or slide to form a flow channel.

hydraulic screen changer

2. Mandrel

A cylindrical structural component that supports the filter screen and porous plate and can be moved within the main body during screen replacement.

plastic extrusion screen changer cylindrical structural component

3. Porous plate

A plate like structural component that supports the filter screen.

screen changer for extrusion Porous plate

4. Filter screen

It is processed from metal wire mesh of different mesh sizes, and its function is to filter the molten material flow and increase the resistance of the material flow, thereby filtering out impurities and improving the mixing or plasticizing effect. It is in the shape of a strip, tube, or disc.

extrusion screen changer filter screen

BATTE Melt Pump Company is a professional manufacturer of melt pumps and hydraulic screen changers in China. We believe that any type of plastic product has a suitable screen changer, and each type of plastic product has different production processes and raw materials, and the requirements for the screen changer are also different. Therefore, we have carried out one-on-one targeted research and design, and developed various specialized mesh changers, such as XPS extrusion board dedicated non-stop mesh changers; Special non-stop screen changer for film blowing; Dedicated non-stop screen changer for management industry; Special non-stop screen changer for wire drawing machines; PET, PMMA, PC dedicated non-stop screen changer; Special non-stop screen changer for PVC products, etc.

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