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XPS extruded plastic board screen changer

XPS screen changer is composed of screen changer main body, slide plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The screen changer is specially designed for filling butane, CFC, carbon dioxide and other gas products which are easy to produce fried material, air leakage, rubber leakage, etc. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, which is specially processed by many processes such as tempering, nitriding, fine grinding, etc. The one-piece structure can avoid fried material, material leakage, air leakage, etc. The continuous production of products is not interrupted. It is an ideal substitute for the four-net cycle net changer, especially suitable for the production of xps extruded plastic board, pearl cotton and other products.

xps extruder screen changer

It has a self-locking multi-station structure and automatic positioning and guiding system, with a new screen preheating and old screen dirt automatic discharge mechanism, to achieve super pressure stabilization and material temperature balance at a specific rate when changing the screen - no stoppage, no air leakage, no material leakage, no fluctuation, no noise, no melt weight reduction, no cracking and no impact on normal production (the size of the board remains unchanged). ). There is a special anti-corrosion screen changer for the production of B1 and B2 grade extruded plastic boards.

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