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pe extruder screen changer

PE/PP film pelletizing for clean film, factory waste or cleaned film. It consists of film granulator, single screw extruder, hydraulic screen changer, granulation die, dryer, vibrating screen, and packaging system. The PE profile production line is mainly composed of extrusion host, die, hydraulic (or manual) screen changer (optional), cooling water tank, traction and winding system.

pe extruder screen changer

The pe basic screen changer can be a single-plate double-station hydraulic screen changer or a plate-type non-stop continuous pe extruder screen changer. The circular veneer double-station hydraulic screen changer is a screen-changing filter equipment that is widely used in the current extruder. The double-station fast screen-changing time is less than 2 seconds. Can be customized according to users. The high-wear, high-pressure and high-precision filter screen design improves the effective area of ​​filtration and the quality of filtration. When the pressure is 30Mpa and the temperature is below 300°C, its performance will not be affected.

single plate hydraulic screen changer

The mesh changing principle of the single-plate continuous extrusion melt filter hydraulic screen changer: the square filter mesh discs are 4 pieces, which are placed between the feed end body and the discharge end body, and are arranged in sequence with each other. Under the action of the screen plate conveying frame assembly, the filter screen plate can enter the working position in sequence through the operation of the driving device. The filter holes inlaid with stainless steel filter meshes on it will pass through the melt cavity on the inlet and outlet end of the body in sequence, realizing the feeding replacement of the old and new filter channels, and meeting the purpose of uninterrupted purification of the melt.

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