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What are the factors that affect screen changer lifetime

  Screen changer is widely used in polyester and spinning production line. Its main purpose is to remove solid impurities such as organic melt, carbonized particles and metal oxides in melt, improve product quality, provide qualified raw materials for downstream process and ensure normal production of downstream process. Therefore, the factors affecting the service life of the screen chqnger filter element are analyzed and the device is technically reformed, which prolongs the service life of the screen changer and improves the operation stability of the device.

  The polishing agent used in polyester production to improve the grinding effect of titanium dioxide, commonly known as titanium, white powder, purity of 99.5%. Because the surface of polyester fibers is smooth and transparent, the reflective intensity of the fibers is very high under the irradiation of light, which makes the surface of the fibers glossy. The addition of titanium dioxide in the production can make the surface of the fibers darker. In the process of storage, titanium dioxide is easy to harden and need to be prepared for grinding. The titanium dioxide preparation system of Luoyang polyester plant can not separate macromolecules from the grinded titanium dioxide solution because there is no centrifuge separation system designed. If the grinding is not enough, the condensed particles will enter the follow-up system, block the screen changer filter element of the screen changer, and shorten the service life of the filter element. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the grinding effect and keep abreast of the working conditions of each grinder at any time. At the same time, in order to increase the grinding effect, glass beads are replaced by ceramic beads, which makes the filtration rate increase from 240 mL/min to 350 mL/min, and the effect is very remarkable.

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