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Screen Changer cooling system

Screen Changer cooling system is cooling water flow manifold, and these screen changer products are for polymer melt filtration. Cooling water flow manifold components are shown in the following content.

Screen Changer with cooling system

Screen Changer cooling system:
Cooling water flow manifold components are:

3 independent flow channels for Inlet Flange, Cooling Chamber and Exit Lip
Made of corrosion resistant materials
Shipped pre-assembled
Includes j-boxes and cables for inter-wiring by customer with the supplied controls
Hydrostatically tested to prevent leaks
Equipped with sight flow indicators (offering a visual means of assuring water flow)
Protected for back flow by check valves
Protected by water strainer
Protected from steam build-up by a relief valve
Operated by solenoid valves (air) (24 VCD/110 VAC/ 240 VAC)
Solenoid valves protected by supplied air filter
Air operated WATER flow valves
Flow monitored via flow meter with output relay interlocked with the controls for alarm in a NO FLOW (no cooling or low cooling) condition
Optional metering valves for custom applications
Used in conjunction with our controls, the customer has available several  heating/cooling patterns to suit the process, resulting in optimized reaction time and minimized incidence of blow-outs
Alternative cooling water system circuit available for installation where frequent accidental power shut off are expected

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