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Screen Changer Adapter

Screen Changer Adapter is to fit the screen changer into an extrusion line for polymer melt filtration. Retro-fits of Existing Lines, New Lines, and Advantages of a Screw Tip Extension are as follows.

screen changer adapter application

Screen Changer Adapter Retro-fits of Existing Lines:
For retro-fit line projects where another type of screen changer is being taken off and is being replaced by a screen changer, we offer the following expertise.
Because the footprint of a screen changer is almost always smaller than that of any other type of screen changer that it is replacing, various factors are taken into consideration when designing the adapters required fitting the screen changer into an existing line:
Optimizing the flow channel diameter and length for minimal pressure drop
Maintaining the shortest distance between the screw tip and the breaker plate to minimize polymer inventory and stagnation
Whether or not there is an existing screw tip extension
Whether or not there is the possibility of moving existing equipment to shorten length of flow channels
In instances where the customer does not wish to move any existing equipment, the adapters are designed to compensate for the smaller footprint of the screen changer.

Screen Changer Adapter New Lines:
In instances where the screen changer is being purchased as part of a new extrusion line, we work directly with the world’s leading extrusion equipment manufacturers. We coordinate the mechanical and electrical aspects of the project to ensure that the screen changer is a fully integrated component of the extrusion line.
Design elements taken into consideration are:
Co-ordination of screw length, close to the breaker plate
Exchange of information regarding mating pieces (extruder & die/melt pump) to ensure proper fit
Minimize overall length of adapters to optimize polymer flow.

Advantages of a Screw Tip Extension:
Screen changers can be installed in an extrusion line with or without a screw tip extension. The drawings below illustrate both solutions. If there is no screw tip extension, a reduced flow canal is normally used to minimize the polymer inventory as much as possible.
Whenever possible, a screw tip extension is strongly recommended since it has the following advantages:
Polymer degradation is eliminated as a result of uniform velocity across the section of the material between the tip of the extruder screw and the filtration screen
The color change-over time period is reduced due to low polymer inventory between the tip of the extruder screw and the filtration screen.

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