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Polymer Valves

These polymer valves can be used both as independent component and as functional unit in other equipment, such as large area filtration units. Start-up valves and Diverter Valves are polymer values.

polymer valves

Polymer Valves types:
Start-up Valves:
Batte's start-up valves are based on the proven single-piston design that operates without additional seals. Their sturdy construction, available in all sizes and designs, guarantees reliable and leak-free operation for many years. In critical, e.g., highly filled polymer melt applications, the hydraulic system can be completed with an anti-blocking mode (ABM).

Start-up Valves Benefits:
Simple operation
Uncomplicated switchover
High operational reliability
Short material residence time
Leak-free mode of operation
Low pressure consumption
Flow channel geometry without any dead spots

Start-up Valves Models:
Start-Up Valve
For plastics manufacture and processing

Start-up Valves Application Limits:
Start Up Valve
Temperature [C]: up to 350
Operating pressure [bar]: 500
Bore diameter [mm]: 25 to 100

Diverter Valves:
Batte's diverter valve is a proven, simple slide-type 3-way valve, which allows transfer without disrupting line operation. It is designed for highly viscous fluids.
The valve is used in pellet, film and fiber manufacturing applications for filtration systems and as a dump valve to isolate pumps, extruders, pelletizers and other downstream equipment.

Diverter Valves Benefits:
Metal to metal seals require no packing
No stagnation areas
Smooth, even transfer from one port to the other for bumpless product flow
Low maintenance required
Patented side-rail system for accurate positioning

Diverter Valves Models:
Diverter Valve
For plastics manufacture and processing.

Diverter Valves Application Limits:
Temperature [C]: up to 350
Operating pressure [bar]: 340
Bore diameter [mm]: 28 to 105
Throughput [kg/h]: 900 - 16,000

Polymer Valves:
Batte is producing Start-up and Diverter Valves for any number of plastic production processes.
Start-up valves are used in extrusion applications and mainly for pelletizing machinery
Diverter valves are continuously operating flat slide valves used in large area filters such as Duplex systems
Batte valves are standing for a simple construction and usage, short material residence time, leakage free operation and flow channel geometry without any dead spots.

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