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Screen Changers

Batte offers a wide range of screen changer products, and has developed, designed and manufactured screen changers for many years. Batte is a famous screen changer supplier in China.

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Screen Changers details:
Batte experience is combined with permanent innovations and big know-how in the processing technology. Batte melt filters offer new processes in different applications and increase the profitability of complete lines.

Screen Changers Types and related information:
Discontinuous Screen Changer
Continuous Screen Changer
Backflush Screen Changer
Volume flow
Screens etc.
Adapter Constructions
Control Variants
Manual Screen Changers
Hydraulic Screen Changers
DBC Continuous Screen Changers
High Capacity Screen Changers

Batte’s line of high quality Screen Changers is the result more than 50 years of experience, innovation and development in filtration systems.

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Batte is a professional screen changer manufacturer, supplying screen changer, especially screen changer for extrusion mould