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Performance and characteristics of single plate dual station screen changer

Scope of application of single board dual station screen changer

Granulation drawing, sheet metal, blown film, pipe material, chemical fiber, adhesive, coating material, wire, cable, material blending granulation, etc. are suitable for all thermoplastic materials.

Features of Single Board Dual Station Screen Swapper Products

1. Adopting a pressure sealed (≤ 50Mpa) device, it can meet the production needs of any polymer with high extrusion volume, and the mesh change is faster.

2. After rheological optimization, the honeycomb filter plate effectively reduces the shear of the melt during the extrusion process.

3. The filter design with high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, and high precision improves the effective filtration area and filtration quality.

4. Fast switching time of less than or equal to 2 seconds, internal heating device, energy-saving and efficient.

5. No downtime for screen replacement and no material leakage.

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Technical parameters of single board dual station screen changer

1. Working temperature: ≤ 300 ℃;

2. Working pressure: ≤ 50MPa;

3. Pressure difference: ≤ 20MPa;

4. Applicable melt viscosity: 100-40000 Pa. s;

5. Heating method: electric heating/thermal medium heating.

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Single board dual station screen changer product configuration

1. Screen changer main body+energy storage hydraulic pump station+heating device (standard configuration).

2. Screen changer main body+energy storage hydraulic pump station+heating device+electrical control cabinet (high configuration).

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The single board dual station hydraulic screen changer has a wide range of applications and high cost-effectiveness. It has the advantages of non-stop screen changing, no material leakage, high pressure and high temperature resistance, large filtration area, simple operation, and less screen changing waste. It can be used in conjunction with different standard single screw/double screw extruders.


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