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Selection scheme for automatic screen changer for recycling and granulation of waste plastics

The screen changer for recycling and granulation of waste plastics is a double column large filter cartridge screen changer, made of high-quality alloy steel and specially processed through multiple processes such as quenching and tempering, nitriding, and precision grinding. The dual screen and dual channel design, the filter screen adopts a winding type to increase the filtration area. When the filter screen is not replaced, two screens work simultaneously, and the screen is replaced alternately. The screen changer is designed with a stable structure, which does not stop the machine, does not interrupt the material flow, and does not interrupt production, meeting the production needs of customers for large production capacity and high quality. It is especially suitable for the production of recycling and granulation, casting films, plates, sheets, and other products.

screen changer for plastic recycling

1. Dual plunger, dual flow channel, and dual workstations, with dual networks working simultaneously; 2. Dual network alternating replacement ensures the normal production process; 3. Adopting a rigid sealing structure, safe, reliable, and leak free; 4. Optimize flow channel design, no dead corners, no stagnant flow; 5. Progressive feeding and exhaust structure, with small pressure fluctuations during the mesh changing process and continuous stability of the product; 6. The detachable orifice plate structure facilitates material cleaning; 7. It can achieve automatic alarm and control, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the system.

waste plastic hydraulic screen changer

Selection scheme for screen changer for recycling and granulation of waste plastics: 1. For high corrosion conditions - high corrosion-resistant material scheme can be selected; 2. Mobile installation trolley, integrated with hydraulic station and electrical control system, convenient for on-site maintenance; 3. Optional automatic control system, integrated with PLC control system, easy to operate; 4. Integrating the connection and control of components such as melt gear pumps, mixers, start-up valves, and underwater cutting die heads, a complete solution can be provided.


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