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Screen Changer For Blowing Film Machine: An Important Equipment to Improve Production Efficiency

With the increasing application of plastic film in packaging, agriculture, construction and other fields, the performance and efficiency of the film blowing machine, as the core equipment for the manufacture of plastic film, has a direct impact on the quality of the product and production costs. In the operation of the film blowing machine, the screen changer, as one of the key accessories, plays a vital role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.

blowing film screen changer
blowing film hydraulic screen changer

First, the structure and working principle of the special screen changer for film blowing machine

Blown film machine screen changer is mainly composed of filter, hydraulic motor, transmission device, control device and so on. Its working principle is to use the hydraulic motor to drive the transmission device, the filter from the net box out or into, to achieve the purpose of replacing the screen. The control device can automatically or manually control the action of the screen changer to ensure the smooth progress of the screen changing process.

Screen Changer For Blowing Film Machine
Screen Changer For Blowing Film Machine

Second, the role and characteristics of special screen changer for film blowing machine

1. Improve production efficiency: In the operation of the film blowing machine, replacing the screen is a time-consuming and cumbersome work. The use of special screen changer can realize automatic replacement of the screen, reduce manual operation time and improve production efficiency.

2. Ensure product quality: the role of the screen changer is not only to replace the screen, but also to clean and maintain the filter during the replacement process. This can ensure the normal operation of the blown film machine and improve the quality and stability of the product.

3. Reduce maintenance costs: the special screen changer is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and low maintenance costs. In the process of using, it can reduce the equipment downtime caused by replacing the screen, and reduce the maintenance cost and labor cost.

4. Wide scope of application: the special screen changer for film blowing machine is suitable for various types of film blowing machines, with a wide range of applications and market prospects.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer
hydraulic extrusion screen changer

A packaging company has a production line for the production of food packaging film. Before the use of special screen changer, each time the replacement of the screen need to spend a lot of time and labor, and easily lead to equipment failure and product quality decline. With the use of a dedicated screen changer, the company has automated screen changes, reducing manual operations and equipment downtime, and improving production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, due to the lower maintenance and repair costs of the screen changer, the enterprise's operating costs have also been effectively controlled.

single plate hydraulic screen changer
single plate hydraulic screen changer

Specialized screen changer for film blowing machine is an important equipment to improve the production efficiency of film blowing machine and ensure product quality. With the continuous development of the plastic film industry, the application prospect of the special screen changer will be more and more extensive. Enterprises should recognize the importance of the special screen changer and actively promote and apply this equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce operating costs and enhance market competitiveness.


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