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Single plunger screen changer for chemical fiber filament

A single column plug dual station elliptical screen changer is suitable for melt temperatures below 350 ℃. It is designed to operate normally under a melt pressure of 35MPa. The screen changer is suitable for production capacity of 4000-10000KG/H. The main body and plunger of the single plunger screen changer are made of high-quality alloy steel material, which has undergone heat treatment and nitriding treatment. After the channel nitriding treatment, it is mirror polished, with a surface roughness Ra ≤ 3.0, and has high smoothness and wear resistance; By strictly controlling the gap between the main body and plunger, excellent sealing and durability can be achieved through rigid material surface sealing.

single column screen changer
single column hydraulic screen changer

Single column plug dual station screen changer, dual filtering channels working alternately, quick screen change, easy production and maintenance. It has two filtering stations on a column, one working and one standby. When the filter screen needs to be replaced, the hydraulic device is activated to quickly switch stations. The dirty screen station is pushed out, and the standby station enters to complete the screen replacement process.

screen changer for chemical fiber
screen changer for chemical fiber

The screen changer is widely used in the extrusion production process of many plastic products, such as the petrochemical industry, biodegradable polymer blending modification granulation, non-woven fabrics, packaging materials, high-performance films, pipes, rubber, wire drawing, etc. It is suitable for online filtration of engineering plastics EPS, XPS, rubber, EVA, GPPS, ABS, PS, PMMA, PET, PA, PPA, PC, PP, PE, PEEK, PPA, PBAT, PLA, and other melts.

filament extrusion screen changer
PP spinning screen changer


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